It all started way back in 1980, a Portuguese family gathered around for a Portuguese style Espetada BBQ, something they did with regularity, you could smell the aroma of the meat grilling on the fire, the taste of the spices and sauces and the laughter of the people. In the background the sound of the Portuguese Music almost drown out the voices of the men and women as they talked, cooked and prepared the Bolo Do Caco ( Portuguese sweet potato stone bread) and Milho Frito (fried squares of firmly set polenta)…..hey y’all let’s just call it “Deep Fried Grits”. The family reminisced the food they had eaten in their homes on the Island of Madeira Portugal for many years.

Fast forward to 2014, the only thing that changes is the Country, now USA and the city NOW Atlanta Georgia. Well perhaps the people are a little younger but the food is still the same wholesome good food that is meant to be shared with family and friends. Inspired by this Portuguese tradition 3 friends suggested it should be taken to the streets of Atlanta and so the Espetada Food Truck was born, using the same methods and recipes to create the great tasting authentic Portuguese Espetada style BBQ. We hope it creates memories for you, your family and friends as it’s done for ours.

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